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The 2020 National Joinery Report Key Points

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The National Joinery Industry Report for 2020 produced by goCabinets, Lincoln Sentry and Supplier Woodworking magazine provides an overview and insight into decisions made across a range of topics in this industry. 


Many topics are touched on in this post so we will highlight a few that we believe are interesting to note. 


Where do you source your cabinets?

While many small businesses utilise cut-to-size manufacturers and flat-pack services to assist with larger jobs, self-production is still the preferred method.

However, flat pack furniture is not so far behind with 45.5% of survey respondents sourcing their cabinetry from flat packs. This shows us that more businesses in the industry are opting not to invest in advanced machinery, even though there is a potential for an increase in output. More emphasis may be placed on sales instead while delegating the manufacturing to cut to size manufacturers (like us!)

how do you source your cabinets

Quality VS Cost VS Timeliness 

While a large percentage (73.7%) of individuals prioritise quality as the most important factor, here at Flatpacks With Character, we don’t compromise on anything. 

We only use Australian hardware for your cabinets so you can be assured of the quality we provide and strive for a turnaround time of 5-7 working days for flat packs and 7-10 days for assembled cabinetry. We get the job done so your project completion date will not be hindered. 

At Flatpacks With Character, we believe everyone should have access to large scale manufacturing at an affordable rate with real value for money. Considering the fact that we custom manufacture cabinets to your exact specifications and have a huge library of colours, products and hardware to select from, we believe our flat pack cabinetry is well priced with all things considered. 

If you are interested in a tour of the factory, feel free to call us at 0423 058 203 or send us an email to sales@flatpackswithcharacter.com.au so we can make that happen.

what is important to you about your cabinets

How do you order flat packs? 

The largest percentage of orders are made online across all age groups as shown in this chart taken from the report. 

does age influence purchasing methods of cabinets

(Screenshot source) 


It is interesting to note that those under the age of 25 had the HIGHEST percentage of sending machine files and drawings when it comes to ordering.

The report concluded it may be due to the career lifecycle of those starting in the industry at businesses that still utilise that particular ordering method.

In comparison, the older demographics could have taken a new direction and build their own small business. In doing so, they have the freedom to choose which method to adopt for ordering cabinetry.

Ordering instore is virtually non-existent for those under 25 years old and more prevalent in those aged 40 and above. 


If you are interested in having a look at the rest of the report, visit this link to take you to the PDF. 

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