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Is your current cabinet supplier annoying and unhelpful? Are they expensive and unreliable too?

Our Flatpacks with Character team is easy to work with.

Order flat pack cabinets online. Fast Turnaround. Made to Measure. Cut out contractors. Do the cabinets yourself.

Less stress. More profit

Flat Packs for Quality Long Lasting Cabinets In WA

Flat Pack Kitchens

Flat Pack Kitchens

Bathroom with cabinets and bath

Bathrooms & Laundries

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Flatpacks with Character is your local manufacturer for cut-to-size here in Perth.
Our online custom cabinetry ordering system is made for cabinet makers and trade professionals.

Flatpacks with Character - A Better Way To Do Business

Easy to Get Started

Helpful To Deal With

More Happy Customers

“I don’t need a cabinet maker to install the cabinetry now. I can order it to be pre-assembled and delivered to the site or in a flat-pack form for me to assemble on-site. The option to build the cabinets myself means I can create a more significant profit margin for my business.”

Brad, Vision Carpentry

We Only Use Brands You Know and Trust 


What is the delivery time? 5-7 Working Days for non-assembled cabinets Are their fees? Definitely no hidden fees. Am I locked into a contract? No way. You are under no obligation to work with us. What if something goes wrong? Flatpacks with Character has a better system that happily keeps errors to an absolute minimum. It’s rare, but in the real world mistakes still happen. In that case, we’ll work alongside you to resolve things. No fuss.

Here’s How It Works

Send projects in 1 click. Support local businesses.

All your jobs in 1 place. Help desk support. No fees- EVER!



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Enter your project details from the huge range of components, colours, dimensions and materials.


Quotes Generated Instantly

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Once your job is approved by you and your client, just hit ‘submit’ to get it manufactured.


Track Jobs Real Time

Track and receive the progress of your job with real-time project notifications from any device.


Deliver On-Site

Flexibility to pick up your project or have them delivered on-site, cut-to-size and ready to install.
Flatpacks with Character is a FREE online cabinetry ordering system that allows trade professionals to quote and order cabinets in real time. In one click, send your orders direct to us, your local hand selected CNC manufacturer. Have your projects delivered on-site, cut-to-size and ready to install. Make the switch that many in the industry have, and gain access to high tech machinery for guaranteed quality cuts. (powered by Prodboard)

Perth Case Study

Brad Jones is the owner and operator of Perth-based company Vision Carpentry. Brad discusses his experiences working with Flatpacks With Character over the last three years. He describes how this arrangement with Flatpacks With Character has transformed his quoting, job turnaround time and profit margins.

Business Description

How would you describe your business?
I am a sole trader who specialises in cabinetry and carpentry.
What is your area of specialty?
My work is primarily domestic residential cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry renovations. I also do all the carpentry work for verandas and small extensions. On the cabinetry side of things, I do a lot of kitchen renovations. I get Flatpacks With Character involved as an extension of my business. Rather than trying to find a cabinet maker to come in and do the measure-up and build, I engage Flatpacks With Character.

Motivation for Change

What was your motivation for changing to Flatpacks With Character?
I went to the cabinet shop asking for a quote on a particular job. I spoke with Aaron for about an hour in the office, and he set me up to work with Flatpacks With Character.
It was a no-brainer for me once he showed me how the whole system works. It meant I could do the quoting without contacting the cabinet makers directly. I could do all that, and then I can order through Flatpacks With Character.


Flatpacks With Character has an online ordering system for cabinetry. Can you describe that process and what that service has been like for you?
It’s a pretty simple process. You log onto the Flatpacks With Character website. You have a list of your different types of cabinets like base, upper and tall. You choose what you want. You can modify that cabinet to the exact size you need. The website will give you a total cost, so you know how much you’re paying for the materials. You submit that to Flatpacks With Character, and then you get a return email confirming how much to pay. You pay that and the job is done within ten days. You also have a choice of products. Not just one brand. You’ve got three brands to choose from. This gives your customers a lot more options in terms of colours and finishes.

Flatpacks With Character offers the ability to order in any size. Can you describe the benefit of that for your business?
Being able to order to the exact size is a game changer. I end up with a much better fit and finish than if I had to make do with the standard sizes. I find it helpful when I want to get all my doors the same size and distance apart. I can still achieve a very professional look even in spaces that might have a challenging set of measurements. Cupboards fit up against side walls neatly. Being able to order in a custom size is a huge bonus.

“Being able to order to the exact size is a game changer. I end up with a much better fit and finish than if I had to make do with the standard sizes.”


Flatpacks With Character uses industry-standard brands, quality materials and a higher standard of manufacturing. Can you describe the elements you notice or particularly appreciate?
It’s a professional finish with quality materials like Laminex products. There are also quality drawer runners and draw door hinges. All the components, not only just the cabinetry itself, are high-end. That means that my customers will get good life out of them.
They take a fair bit of weight, especially the draw runners. People fill up drawers with pots and pans, and some drawer runners can’t cope with the weight. Flatpacks With Character uses quality components and materials that manage this level of use.


Can you describe the job turnaround times you are seeing? What is that like compared to your previous turnaround times with other companies?
I know my turnaround from when I submit the job to Flatpacks With Character, to when I’m either picking it up from the factory or Flatpacks With Character delivering is approximately ten days. I think this is a quick turnaround for a quality custom product. Other suppliers may take three to four weeks, and you might not see the same quality. That’s why I say to my clients, “Look, you’ve got a quality product here with a fast turnaround.”

Job Tracking

Flatpacks With Character offers job tracking. Do you use that?
Yes, I sometimes do. I haven’t lately because I’ve been using Flatpacks With Character for nearly three years. I know how long everything takes because Flatpacks With Character delivers so consistently.


What are the Flatpacks With Character cabinets like to assemble?
As with the first time for anything, you have to stop and have a think. Now it’s second nature to me, and I find it easy. All the cabinet parts are individually wrapped. You can’t get mixed up. Every piece has a sticker to tell you what part of the cabinet it is. It’s a straightforward process.


What feedback are you getting from your customers about the quality of these cabinets once they are in use?
I’ve had good feedback about the quality of the products and the value. I’ve had clients who had quotes from other cabinetry businesses tell me their other quotes were a lot more expensive.
I’ve had clients call me back; two or three months after just saying, “We were extremely happy with everything. The draw runners are fine. The door hinges are great. There are no issues with anything.” So that’s always good to know.


How does Flatpacks With Character compare from a trade pricing point of view?
Oh, it’s a very competitive option for me. By using Flatpacks With Character, I feel I’ve got that upper hand on pricing. I can get a quote back to the client within 24 hours.

Impact On Your Business

Has using Flatpacks With Character had an impact on how your business works? Has it changed anything for you?
I don’t need a cabinet maker to install the cabinetry now. I can order it to be pre-assembled and delivered to the site or in a flat-pack form for me to assemble on-site. The option to build the cabinets myself means I can create a more significant profit margin for my business.


What about support from Flatpacks With Character? Have you ever had any issues? How were they handled?
I’ve only ever had one minor issue, which was just a question. Flatpacks With Character has a chat line on their website, and I got a quick response that was resolved within minutes. The support is there if you need it.

The Company

What is it like to deal with Flatpacks With Character as a business?
Well, I find they are easy and helpful. Using the chat line was quick and simple.


Suppose you talked to someone considering switching to Flatpacks With Character for their cabinetry supplies. What would you say to them?
If you want to work smarter and save time, this is the business you need to work with. It’s a time saver, and it’s a money saver. If you want to increase your profit margins as a business, it’s something worth considering.
It’s a quick, easy product to order on the computer. The turnaround is fast, and I’ve never had dramas with the wrong cupboards or sizes. Everything has been spot-on.
Most of all, my clients are happy with the quality and price. It’s a smart, easy system to work with that will save you time and build your profit margin.

Before You Sign Up

It’s essential that you familiarise yourself with how the process works before signing up for an account.