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How To: Laundry Cabinets

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How To Choose Cabinets From Flatpacks With Character to Build Your Laundry Room

When thinking about renovations, many people focus heavily on their kitchen and bathrooms. And rightly so. Those areas have the heaviest foot traffic in the home, so it makes total sense that you would spend a little more time and money in those rooms.

One area in the house that also sees high foot traffic but perhaps not as much love, would be your laundry room.

In this blog post, we will point out a few examples of pieces Flatpacks With Character offers and considerations to take into account when renovating this space to ensure it is practical, functional AND aesthetically pleasing.

1) Consider the layout of your laundry room.

Think about how you currently use the space and your workflow. Do you live in a house where there may not be enough room to install a separate washing machine and dryer? Or maybe you live in a country where owning a dryer is mandatory due to the humid and unpredictable weather?

What do you currently like and dislike about your current space? Do you have an “L shape” layout but would prefer a “U Shape”? If you are unsure whether or not you want to change the layout, be sure to check out showrooms with laundry room setups and laundry cabinets to see if you prefer to use door base units or drawer base units. You can visit our showroom at our sister company Character Cabinets for some ideas and inspiration.

This is an example of an “L shaped” laundry room. To achieve this look, select our tall door unit and tall door unit pair for ample storage and upper door unit pair from the brochure. We also have a range of corner units to select from so there is no wasting potential storage!

L Shaped laundry Door upper units Door tall units

2. How much storage is too much storage?

The short answer? There is no such thing as too much storage. Having an abundance of storage allows us to declutter workbenches and put things away. Although the contents of the laundry cabinets may not be as tidy as you’d like, as long as it is out of sight, it is out of mind (and away from the view of unexpected house guests!)

You can opt for laundry cabinets with or without doors. In this image, we have open shelving which allows quick access to items to things you may regularly reach for.

To recreate this, you should select two upper door pairs and robe shelf units that will best fit your needs. In our Flatpacks with Character robe unit brochure, we have many options to choose from, so definitely think about how you use this space to be able to best judge the heights of the shelves.

Laundry with Onecab cabinets Onecab door upper unitsOnecab's robe units

3) How much benchtop space will I require?

You can never have too much benchtop space. In the image in the next section, there are two benchtop spaces available on both sides to maximise the surface area in your laundry room. Laundry cabinets and cupboards offer more storage space than one may need which is great, as it is better to have more space and not need it than less space and later require it.

If you want to hide the sight of your laundry baskets filled with clothes, definitely go for this laundry base hamper option. If you think you have more storage space than you could use, this option is definitely a great way to go as it still allows you to have additional benchtop space to the area without wasting the space underneath it.

Laundry base hamper option OneCab's laundry base hamper option

(Screenshot taken from the Flatpacks with Character custom cabinetry ordering portal)


4) What appliances should I buy?

Appliances in a laundry
Consider the appliances you will need to buy. Note that if you choose to have appliances hidden in cupboards and cabinets, you will need to ensure there is adequate ventilation available.

As shown in the image with the front loader washing machine and dryer, you will be able to create more benchtop space and not be restricted than if you opted for a top loader. Many benefits of a front loader washing machine include being more water and energy-efficient due to the horizontal nature of the drum, allowing gravity to aid in tumbling the clothes.

To recreate this laundry set up, you should select the base pair of doors and upper door pair from our brochure.

OneCab's door base units OneCab's door upper units

If you have cabinet making knowledge and are up for a little DIY, Flatpacks with Character’s flat pack laundry cabinets are for you. For more information, don’t hesitate to email us at sales@flatpackswithcharacter.com.au or call us at 0423 058 203 to talk to our in house expert.

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